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Popular Q&A

Toddler dental question, see through spot on tooth?
It is good that you are going to see the dentist next week. Unfortunately, many family dentists are not familiar with problems with toddlers' teeth. I hope yours is. I have worked in pediatric dentistry for 30 years and have seen many problems missed or misdiagnosed. Children can have thin...

It's 33 and $100k in debt too old and too broke to go back to school for dentistry?
You're not nuts. You just need a solid plan. You're not too old to go back to school, but considering the amount of debt you have and the fact that you have a 2 year old to support, you'll need a map of how to get into and through dentistry school and still be able to support your family...

Health Insurance, Krystals?
Seriously? $500 for glasses? I buy mine online. It costs me $8 a pair, frames and single vision lenses, and another $5 for shipping, with hundreds of frames to choose from. Anyway. The reason Starbridge is crap coverage, is because it's a "limited benefit" plan. Look at what it covers...

Dental work done now and pay on a monthly basis?
I used to pay for my dentistry monthly. The dentist had a Denplan scheme. The amount I paid was worked out by what work I needed doing and then paid by direct debit. I know a number of people who use these scheme but I don't know if it can be used for cosmetic dental surgery.

Any one that lives in Cincinnati ohio?
Family life is a negotiated settlement. Cincinnati comes off on the good end of a lot of compromises. It's large enough to have amenities like professional sports teams, a wide variety of restaurants, a great park system and a lot of entertainment and shopping. It's small enough so that after...