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Popular Q&A

Dental hmo or ppo?
Ok first off, an HMO is usually cheaper. Most dental plans are nothing like health plans so be careful. 90% of plans are what they call 100-80-50 plans 100% coverage for preventative, cleanings xrays etc, 80 for basic, fillings.., and 50% major. As in crowns dentures, the big ticket items....

Who makes more money in northern VA, a general dentist or a medical doctor?
A general dentist makes about the same as a general practitioner MD, but works less hours. Once you start comparing specialties it gets jumbled.

Should I see a doctor about my heart?
You do not need to see a doctor regarding your heart. Normal resting heart rate is 50-100 and a resting heart rate of 82 is completely normal. Regular aerobic exercise can decrease the resting heart rate. If you exercised frequently in the past and not now, then this could explain the difference...

Is a equine dentist who is not a vet just as good as a equine vet who is a dentist?
The answer to that varies because there is no such legally defined position as an "equine dentist" so there are no set requirements for the type of education or training that must be had before someone can be called and "equine dentist". So, a non-dvm practicing equine dental care can have...

Can you recommend an apartment community in Tracy, CA?
My sister lives there,but I don't know that area well. My father owned the dentist office across from the hospital years ago..but I haven't been there often