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Popular Q&A

Is it normal for the cotton the dentist place in your tooth hole to fall out?
I had 4 teeth pulled out in the course of 2 weeks. It was definitely not fun. T__T I had both appointments in the morning. I didn't eat until the evening, so I had those cotton stuff (gauzes) in place for more than the recommended minutes. xD When I had to brush my teeth, I just brushed very...

Dentistry payments using a sliding scale?
Places that work on a sliding scale like a FQHC ,usually have much lower fees that private practice dentists. She will have to pay something unless she is on medicaid.

Does anyone know a dental school that does free or VERY reduced dental care?? I am from NC, need one in EAST!
These are the two dental schools for the states of NC and VA. NC University of North Carolina School of Dentistry UNC-CH CB# 7450 1090 Old Dental Bldg Chapel Hill, NC 27599-7450 Dean: Dr. John N. Williams Phone: (919) 966-2731 Accreditation Status: Approval without Reporting Requirements Last...

University of Florida classes for dentistry?
You wouldn't be taking any classes related to dentistry until you get into dental school, after completing your BS/BA degree. If you want info on the classes required for a particular degree at UF, go to their website and check on that. You will not find a schedule of classes, as that is something...

Does ueber in German take the accusative?
Neither of your answers is correct, I'm afraid. 1) "Uber" is a so-called two-way preposition, which means that it is followed by the dative or the accusative. 2) If "uber" refers to a fixed location, it triggers the dative case. E.g. Das Bild hangt uber dem Schrank. If "uber" refers to motion...