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Popular Q&A

Are my GCSEs good enough for dentistry?
dentistry programs are extremely competitive, so a C is going to really hinder your chances, especially having more than one. did you take all the required courses (organic chem, inorganic chem, bio and physics- all one year of each, and at least a semester of caluclus)? you would need to take...

I'm looking for an Emergency Dentist in Arizona? I live in Tempe so any near by city's are fine. Thx?
Dude, google it!! type in "dentist emergency tempe, AZ" and all kinds of hits show up.... Local business results for dentist emergency near Tempe, AZ Arizona Dental Emergency Services - 9070 E Desert Cove Ave # 105, Scottsdale - (480) 614-8016 Directions and more » American...

Best dentist in Greensboro,NC?
here are some search results

What should i know about dentist front desk job?
Depending on the office, your responsibilities may include: answering phones, scheduling patients, greeting and dismissing patients. pulling charts, learning all sorts of financial and insurance stuff that have weird terms like "super-bill" "pre-d" "walk-out" "and "ledger card" (Terms which...

I'm not yet having luck getting any really beautiful girls phone numbers, please help me with my approach?
You can get beautiful girl's phone numbers by being flirtatious and charming.