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Popular Q&A

I am fortunate to have very good teeth. I recently moved, and my previous dentist had been 'watching'
My father was a dentist and he was conservative about filling teeth if the cavity wasn't very large. He said the filling itself would do more damage to the structure of the tooth than the cavity, up to a point. Younger dentists seem to want to fill every tooth they see. I'd go for a more conservative...

I need recommendations for a good dentist in San mateo, belmont or San carlos?
There is a free service that helps you find pre-screened dentists depending on where you live. I called them a few weeks ago and I found a good dentist with them. Their number is 1-888-457-0805. They will ask you your dental needs (checkup, cleaning, braces, toothache, wisdom teeth,...), your...

I have a bad tooth that has to be pulled NOW, but I have no money or insurance at all. Where can I go?
It won't be free, but it should be a lot cheaper than a regular dentist: Call and see what they have for emergency services. Even if they can't see you there, they should be able to guide you to other low cost options available in your area.

Who's the best cosmetic dentist in NYC?
Larry Rosenthal is the one with the international reputation. I can't say whether he's better than some others, but he's certainly the most famous, having done "all" the celebrities and many models.

Dentist teeth cleaning question? nervous?
It takes 30 minutes. No, it doesn't hurt. They use the electric brush and polish your teeth. The only thing that is uncomfortable is when they use the metal hook thing to scrape the plaque off your teeth at the gums. I like having my teeth cleaned. I like the way they feel when its done.