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Popular Q&A

Dentist help Portland Oregon?
bull **** country??? i hate that we live in a world where a select few of us that have the privilege to take care of our bodies have to take care of other people's bodies, too. does anyone know what she can do?

Best denture dentist in Bend, OR.?
Lisa, the best way to find this dentist is to ask people who wear dentures. "BEST" is a relative term. Who determines who is best is by individual experiences. Talk to people you know who wear dentures. If you don't know anyone then talk to your friends and family about your situation and ask...

How much would sedation dentistry cost?
It depends on the dentist and what type of sedation you are looking for. There is oral sedation (you take a pill by mouth) or IV sedation (they run a catheter in your arm and administer drugs thru the line) Also the dentist will have a base fee for the first hour and then depending on how...

Do dentist give free consultation?
None that I have worked for .