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Popular Q&A

Was the wild west really that wild?
Hi John - In certain places during some certain short period of time --- yes. Was it like the Hollywood Old West? Never --- that was a complete fabrication of, well, Hollywood. Take for instance, the famous gunfight at the OK Coral --- hilarious. Oh, it happened alright but well --- Tombstone...

My grandfather's lineage seems to stop in Coshocton OH?
Thomas Kenyon Reed, born 7 Apr 1900 in Massilon, OH, son of Thomas Franklin Reed and Mabelle F King Thomas Franklin Reed, born 18 May 1870, died 27 May 1922 in Massilon, OH, son of Thomas Jefferson Reed and Isabella Dickey Thomas Jefferson Reed, born 21 Jul 1838 in Coshocton, OH, son of Thomas...

What GCSE's/A Levels Do I Need To Take To Be A Dentist?
1. GCSE's- English, Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Physics A Levels- Biology and Chemistry are required plus any two academic subjects. Suitable options include: Maths, Physics, a foreign language, Psychology, Economics, History, Geography, Economics, Government and Politics etc. 2. There are...

Are there any Dental Hygienists from Michigan here?
oh my god i cant believe that! in NY its crazy dentists send us letters begging us to work for them. i made 42 an hr right out of school with no experience. try and see if they have any temp agencies there like dental staffers or move its worth it. i used to make over 400 a day temping

How does massage actually help ?
Massage, get this therapy in your life and give them too …-its valuable One of the first things we will look at and give the merits for is massage, known and applied for thousands of years .In todays society at least in the UK touch is almost alien through whatever reason be it Victorian or...