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What events happened in the 1930s? - 1930 Movies Abraham Lincoln, directed by D. W. Griffith and starring Walter Huston and Una Merkel- All Quiet on the Western Front, directed by Lewis Milestone and starring Lew Ayres- Anna Christie, directed by Clarence Brown and starring Greta Garbo-...

What cosmetic dentist would implant permanent vampire fangs?
don't do that dude! It would be very expensive, then if, in the future, you decide you don't want them anymore, it would be another large expense to have them removed. How about investing in a good quality vampire fang DENTURE. These are professional quality dentures, you can eat and drink...

Who is more likely to talk to their dentist? Athiests or Christians? why?

Do dentists give a discount if you pay with cash?
You would get a discount because a dentist usually gets 60-80 percent of the fees when you are paying through insurance. If you are paying in cash then 100% of what he charges, he gets. That gives him a 20-30% window to give you a discount. What he actually gives you would totally be at his...