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Popular Q&A

NHS Dentist trying to quote ?600 private for bridge? Surely they HAVE to do it on NHS if other treatment is?
The dentist is allowed to mix and match NHS and private together under the current contracts. Yes, the costing under the NHS is ?198 but no dentist can cover the time involved in the preparation, the study models and the laboratory fee to make the bridge and then the fitting of it for that...

Sleep Apnea Mouthpiece for Denture Wearers?
I know that our dentist in Atlanta has custom made devices for sleep apnea. But that just depends where you live. You should try googling dentists in your area to see if they make sleep apnea mouthpieces. Typically, a cosmetic dentistry or a higher-end dentist facility will.

What are some words you type in to the search engine when looking for a dentist?
teeth tooth toothache wisdom tooth tooth fairy laughing gas dentist dental mouth bad breath yellow teeth teeth whitening drill holes in tooth cavity plaque tartar listerine mouth wash whitening strip bleach crown molar fang sharp dull bite yeah, some are obviously jokes, but some are legit...

Gum disease and dentist?
Are you flossing your teeth everyday? Doing this is a great start to good oral hygiene and to reduce the swelling. Floss at least once a day and brush at least twice a day to try to stop this disease from progress. Can you register with a dentist or see an emergency dentist in NHS? Take care...