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Popular Q&A

I feel like im close to hitting rock bottom and dont know what to do?
To be told that God is the answer to all your problems is a little too easy. I'm certain that you may find comfort in some prayer, but realistically you need to sort out your life and get motivated. I'm going to give you some advice, but you MUST follow it and start getting your life in order...

How can I make money for college while working with nature?
i love that idea! i had a friend who sold handmade braceletts at fests and stuff and i'm not sure how profitable it was for her but can tell you it was super fufilling even though she was studying to bea be creative in that sense and have someone purchase somehting you made from...

Anyone have any sci fi movie jokes?
Found loads of Dr Who jokes... Why did Doctor Who surf the net? He was looking for the Cyberman. Why did the Dalek apply for a job in pest control? He liked the job description - "Exterminate! Exterminate!" Why is Doctor Who a regular at the dentist? He doesn't want to lose his K9. What did...

Who is a good dentist in Burbank/Glendale/North Hollywood?
Try this web site and look under provider search!

Why does my 2yo have so many cavities?
First off, you are doing a great job mom!! Keep it up. My son is almost 5 and finally went to the dentist for the first time last year (no one would see him till he was 4!). He had 2 cavities at the time and 2 that were starting (very tiny though -- all in the very back teeth). I asked the...