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Popular Q&A

Why don't have many women want black doctors examining them? But non white womem have to deal with white drs?
True. We do have to deal with that. Also, my White male dentist liked to put his hands in my mouth when he wasn't even doing anything, like his fingers resting on my soft, full lips, and I'm sure there was something gross going on there too. :(

I have seen ZOOM Tooth whitening advertised from as little as $169 to as much as $1000.?
I just asked about that, and it is almost 750 here in Washington state in the Spokane area... Be careful though, my dentist won't even do it, because he had it done at a seminar and both he and the hygienist had such bad tooth sensitivity that they are against using it. Apparently a lot of...

What GCSE's/A Levels Do I Need To Take To Be A Dentist?
1. GCSE's- English, Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Physics A Levels- Biology and Chemistry are required plus any two academic subjects. Suitable options include: Maths, Physics, a foreign language, Psychology, Economics, History, Geography, Economics, Government and Politics etc. 2. There are...

Best dental services/Dentist in pune?
You'll Find Services of Orthodontist Milind Darda (32 Smiles) Fully Satisfying............ Visit him for a consultation and he can provide you wit best dental solutions that can make your smile look better. If you got a kid who is afraid of dental treatment you'll find his Clinic absolute place...

'India is a good study destination for Malaysian students' or 'Malaysia is a good study destination for Indian?
as far as i know India can be a good destination for Malaysian students and Malaysia wont be a good place for studying for Indian students cos India got better standards in education and more infrastructure in education thn Malaysia , and above all Malaysia is a small islamic country , thts...