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Popular Q&A

Can a foreign dentist work in Brazil?
I am brazilian and you need prove who is dentist with your diploma.

To those of you who have had a Canker Sore...?
Hi Carol! Well, there are several causes, they can be caused by poor nutrition, mouth injuries, stress, food allergies and menstrual periods. You need to visit a dentist for a professional care and to determine the real cause in your specific case. My dentist in Huntington Beach, CA, Dr. Moretta...

Which person is more evil and greedy?
In my opinion,no one is evil,ever.Even hitler.Maybe Satan,but on to the question.The backround of each character is what changes them,and the choices they make.Anna,for example was probably well privileged,with rich parents that never saw her b/c they were busy.This made her bitter.She may...

Help me to give a address for pediatric dentest . i leave in leven worth ..........& i am a bangladeshi new?
Here are some dentists in your city. You need to contact them for more details Dr. Thomas K. Bagby 6610 PARALLEL PKWY KANSAS CITY, KS 66102 Dr. Young June Chang 6708 STATE AVENUE KANSAS CITY, KS 66102 Dr. Abdul Al-salman 5950 N. OAK TRAFFIC WAY SUITE 103 KANSAS CITY, MO 64118 Dr. Rajiha Al-salman...

Dentists and cool people, please helo! capped fangs for a dentist phobic person :)?
so you don't like your teeth when you laugh because they look weird but you want to get fangs...thats kinda counterproductive becuse they would look really weird. Probobly would cost around $1200 each but I doubt that you will find a dentist who would agree to do it because its not quite as...