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Popular Q&A

Cover letter for a dental job with no advertisement.?
Hire professional to help you. They complete really professional cover letters

Dentistas en north highlands- ca-atencion las 24 horas a hipanos?
proba Pon el information que sabes y buscas. se puede buscar para quien necessitas y encontrarlo. Espero que vas a ser bueno!

I am a total dentist chicken! Oral Surgery ?
Hi Brooklyn! Yes, I promise you will be fine. I have practiced in dentistry for over 25 years and have assisted many Oral Surgeons in extractions. You made the right choice to be put in a "twilight" sleep for this. You will go to sleep and the next voice will be the nurse trying to wake...

Does the dentist decide the filling material?
Of course you can ask. If multiple options are appropriate and safe, your dentist will advise you. If you ask for something unsafe or inappropriate (e.g., lead), he'll tell you that he can't do it that way.

Can HIV/Hepatitis B or C spread through dentists equipment...?
For suctioning the saliva dentist usually used disposable suction tube.For the equipment they have to sterilized it very well otherwise as you have said you will get infection thru unsterilized instrument if that instrument used by the infected person. Better you will look for a dentist which...