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Popular Q&A

How Do You make my teeth so white ?
How Teeth Whitening Works – Making an Impression With Your Smile A smile. What is a smile? A smile opens doors. A smile opens hearts. A smile lights up a room. A smile consoles sadness. A smile brings joy. A smile speaks of loving and caring. A smile soothes the soul. How can a simple facial...

Looking for a friendly dentist who is not greeedy for money-ny one there?
It's easy to do - I wish I'd learned this trick a long time ago. Try to find a dentist that caters to younger children, or a dentist that kids seem to really like. Most of the 'greedy' dentists you speak of don't like to waste their time comforting small children in a situation where an adult...

Tell me more about emergancy dentists? Do accident and emergancy deal with teeth sometimes?
A & E do not deal with dental problems unless it is as a result of traumatic injury e.g. jaw broken, but then you would admitted for surgery. There are emergency dentists in all local authorities, do a search on for emergency dentist in your town.

Do dentist give free consultation?
None that I have worked for .

Depression lifted from mercury filling removal?
I've noticed an improvement. The process needs to be done by a dentist trained in the process. Dr. Mercola, at has his removed by a dentist without such training, and suffered health problems for several years afterwards. Go to his website: "mercury" SEARCHBAR. ~~~ Depression:...