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Popular Q&A

NHS dentists in Exeter?
go to wonford hospital and book an appointment with an orthodontist. Area J Level 1.

I look weird.. braces and stiff lips?
This happened to me when I tried to talk the first couple of days with a straight face, I soon released that if I smile my lips reveal my braces and now its a habit. A lot of people have been commenting on how nice I look smiling and how my braces look really good. I'm not sure if it'll work...

What's the difference between a aesthetic and reconstructive dentist and a cosmetic dentist...?
Reconstructive dentist usually works with complex cases, such as repairing the jaws and such after an automobile accident, or in the case that someone is deformed, etc., so a cosmetic dentist is one who specializes in making smiles look great (most movie stars go to a cosmetic dentist...

Anyone know any out of hours emergency dentists in Liverpool?
Check out this search link, and type in "Liverpool" to check if any emergency dentists are available for your concerns. Good luck!

Are there any dentists in Singapore doing amalgam removal?
I'm sure you'll find someone if you just ring around. If you want to replace them for health reasons, then you will not make any difference. There is no danger to your health from amalgams. The mercury is bound up as an inorganic intermetallic compound (that's why it sets and goes hard) and...