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Popular Q&A

Dental assistant career?
****EDIT** Only as a favor maybe NOT ROUTINE. If it's a small office Maybe as courtesy. Maybe. Promise :) Bathroom cleaning is not- as you must remain sterile at all times. It's a great career with great pay and benefits :D Dental assistants who work with patients often: Get patients comfortable...

When a DO is board certified, do they list their title "Dr. Bob DO, MD" or just "MD"?
A DO cannot present themselves as an MD anymore than a DC (Chiropractor) can present themselves as an MD or a Ph.D. can present themselves as an MD. All of these degrees, and several others are entitied to the title Dr. prior to their name as they have receive a doctoral level education. Just...

How u all like the first chapter of my book?
well you arent a very good story writer. srry to break the news to ya. creative, yes. original, yes. but you rlly need to stick with one character.

Dentist/Orthodontist v. Dermatologist? Concerning Salary and Lifestyle.?
The DAT and MCAT are ridiculously difficult exams. You don't have to get a perfect score on them in order to be accepted into dental or medical school. I am a dentist so I can tell you what the average general dentist and orthodontist make in the US. General dentist= 184,000/yr Ortho=295,000/yr...

How are lasers used in dentistry?
The laser companies would have us believe you can use their products for everything, including ingrown toenails! In reality, they are not better than conventional treatments (drills, scalpels, scaling instruments, bleaching) except that they sound high-tech, wizz-bang, and are used as a marketing...