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Popular Q&A

Who would like .....?
I'll bring the cheese, the crackers, and the foot massage - you supply the wine and the music (My Request: Sacrifice- that is such a wonderful song) :-)

Cameron is planning tax cuts. A taste of things to come?
And of course that would explain why the rich/poor divide has actually increased since Labour came to power. And why, despite billions being poured into education we now have a fifth of all children leaving primary school without being able to read, write and do maths properly. And why, despite...

Dental Schools in Chicagoland offering free dental work?
I don't know about your area, but here in Texas where I work, we have Baylor Dental College. This is where both dentists in my practice graduated from. One graduated many years ago, but one graduated only about 3 years ago. He has told me that at the school here, they do not do free dental...

Currently in Middle east planning to study in AMERICA?? Financial Solutions??
one of my friends actually is iranian and is pre-dental. we go to MTSU in tennessee. i know he works almost full-time at a drive-thru. not sure if he has any student loans. however, i would suggest looking at if you're interested in scholarships. i'm sure there are plenty for international...

I have no health/medical insurance so i cant go to dentist does any one know were i can go.?
It doesn't matter if you don't have health/medical insurance because health insurance does not cover dental treatments- dental insurance or dental discount plans do. You can still go to the dentist even if you don't have dental insurance or a dental discount plan. All dentist will accept cash...