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Popular Q&A

How often do you think about anything outside of your daily routine/chores/your basic needs?
I used to drink a lot to make people seem more interesting. Now I just find a quiet pleasure in knowing that most of them are incredibly annoying and rather funny to laugh at ADD helps too ........oh look! Something shiny..........

Does anybody know anything about this dude called William Morton =S?
William T.G. Morton (1819–1868) , American dentist, the first to use ether anesthesia?

Recommend a good dentist in Montgomery County, PA?
Call Dr. Harry Habbel. He was a room mate of mine in dental school. He is an EXCELLENT dentist!!! His office is in Southampton...on Street Road I believe.

Why do the overhead lamps at most dentist's offices have tin foil on the handles?
I've seen the same thing and I also think it's a barrier so they don't have to clean the handles between patients - pop the foil off, put a new tin foil on. I don't know if it's an approved barrier or not, but I will say that my current dentist doesn't use any *barrier method* (ROFL) at all...

Dentist that except medicaid?
It is hard to find a Medicaid dentist. You can look at the state or county Medicaid website or call the phone number to get a listing of them. You can get dental services at most non-profit health clinics, at county clinics that have dental services, dental colleges, or if you are lucky some...