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Popular Q&A

How much does it cost to get fillings done in Thailand?
Hi Matt - I have found dentists in Chiang Mai to be much more reasonably priced and every bit as good as the best in Bkk - - a cleaning is 500 baht - I just had a tooth fall apart - he had to drill out the old filling, refill the tooth and build back the area that fell apart - took him 1.5...

Dentistry for Babies...?
my daughter is 4yrs now i took her at 3 but be4 i did i brushed her teeth with flouride free kid paste unless there teeth are bottle rott then be4 the age of 3 you can take them

What should be known before setting up a dentist appointment?
Usually if someone has BBB accreditation they're good :) Without insurance, you can expect to pay up to $300 per filling. If you're nervous, ask what the dentist uses- do they have anxiety calming methods? Are they good with children? What kind of numbing agent is commonly used in the office...

Is there any 24 hour dentist in moore county north carolina?
You might call a few of these places. You never know.