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Popular Q&A

Dentist charged my husband $382 for white fillings vs mercury ones?
From my experience of working for a dentist one is charged by the number of surfaces not the size of a filling. A molar has Five different surfaces And you can conceivably be charged for five surfaces if the cavities are small. Composite fillings cost more than traditional amalgam fillings...

Is it worth it to move to Pennsylvania? Will I still have to be a nurse?
Tell your parents that spending a life doing a job that I'm miserable in is not much of a job (or a life). Actually I've heard the hot jobs are - engineering, accounting, and computers. I have a CompSci degree. Check the job sites for the various professions you're looking at. Dice is where...

Has Anyone ever used....?
Hi Mrs. Meyer, It doesn't matter what's in it.....don't take it. Use a tried and tested product that has been around for a while. All doctors and dentists are lobbied by product lobbyists for new medicinal products or pharmaceuticals so they can promote their products and thus get consumers...

For Dentists and Orthodontists, do "Temporary Anchorage Devices" (TADs) leave a permanent hole in your mouth?
No it does not leave a hole, the bone and gums heal very well once remvoed, just keep it very clean to avoid infection

Which career: Actuary or dentistry?
I would suggest that you study actuarial science since you enjoy mathematics and working in an office environment. It is also a 9-5 job so you would have free time on the weekends. It's a win win for you!!