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Popular Q&A

Root canal Recovery - painful....?
You have a big issue to deal with here. Typical dentists use gutta percha to fill the canals that have been drilled out. And this does NOT sanitize the canal as they tell you, it leaves germs in there to breed. The aniline chemicals like Lidocaine, are AGGRESSIVELY CARCINOGENIC and contain...

Dentist on kensington ave buffalo ny?
look in the phone book..

Any one had their teeth bleached by the dentist?
It is considered the safest way to have teeth whitened and the only environment that will take the time to do a test area and give you honest advice if you have the type of teeth that have a natural colour that will not whiten. They have less long term issues with sensitivity as they are more...

In what country can i work with a dentist certificate from trisakti university, indonesia?
Kalau kamu mau kerja di Amerika, yang jelas kalau kamu sudah nyampai di sini terus mau buka praktika sendiri atau mau kerja di praktika yang lain, kamu harus mengambil test agar dapat sertifikat bahwa kamu memang sudah tahu segalanya yang kamu bisa untuk kerja disini. Satu lagi, harus ada surat...

Can I see a dentist without insurance?
Go if it's an emergency. Worry about the bill later.