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Popular Q&A

Does any one know of cheap dentistry in Michigan..around the Detroit area?
Yes! You can try the University of Detroit-Mercy School of Dentistry. The work will be high quality, without the high cost, you can save about 1/2 the cost. They accept many forms of payment, cash, charge cards, including accepting Medicaid and from insurance plans. Good Luck!

Good Vet, Dentist, Farrier?
i have a good Farrier i love him he is located in san diego, his number is 619.729.2311 his name is Jeff Schrader. He is really good i went through a few bad farriers before i could find him. He does magic on peoples horses that seem to be lame for different reasons, someone i know had a mare...

What are some part-time jobs in a dentist office a college student can do?
You could try to get a job as a receptionist or something along those lines. You could also apply to be a dental assistant. They simply "assist" the dentist and prepare the rooms for cleanings and what not. Some states require you to be certified for that but i know mine doesn't. Good luck...

Cosmetic Dentisty?
There is a direct parallel between the integrity of cosmetic dentistry and the skill/ethics of the provider of cosmetic dentistry. This means you must select your provider CAREFULLY. When done with care and precision, the results are long-lasting and gorgeous. When done by someone with little...

Many foreign dental degrees are not accepted in the US. You would then have to take additional schooling to be licensed. Stick to a dental school in the US for best education especially if you are to practice here. Good luck.