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Popular Q&A

I need a fake dentist note for my excuse of not going to work.?
u can't.... just tell ur boss. if he doesn't understand then he's stupid.

Question for a dentist, orthodontist, or someone who knows a lot about braces?
As long as there is still an elastic holding the wire to the bracket (metal square), and the bracket is still attached to the tooth, the wire will exert a force to open the space. Be patient, Ben. The first month is always the most difficult. - Dr. Anthony Kohler DDS

I need a weekend dentist in illinois, kankakee, champaign, joliet areas. Anyone know a good weekend dentist?
Weekend Dentist Illinois City Illinois City, IL 61259 USA Phone: (877) 214-5454 Call (877) 214-5454 Now! Find a Dentist Open Weekends! Open 24-hours – 7 days a week

I need help coming up with some sentences with these vocabulary words. Help please! Easy 10 points!?
Haughty: She stared at the homeless couple with a haughty expression, forcing herself to be courteous, though she clearly regarded them as beneath her. Consultation: Before my wisdom teeth surgery, we had a consultation with the dentist to discuss the procedure and the risks. Discourse and...

How much does the "Zoom whitening" cost in dentist?
Your best option is LocalDentist4Less membership. You can sign up online and visit a local dentist nearby the very next day and save 60% on professional zoom whitening.