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Popular Q&A

Are my calculations correct?
use robinsons! you can but tack,rugs ect much much cheaper! i love them! or saying that derby house has gotten quite cheap lately. aslo shires. soo... robinsons derby house shires ^^ those 3 are the best sites ive found for tack ect. the all vary on price for certain things. like derby house...

What is the side effect of cinnamon?
Side Effects, Interactions and Warnings About 1000 patients were investigated at our clinic during 1991-1995 for occupational skin disease, and 5 had occupational allergic contact dermatitis from spices. The patients were chefs, or kitchen, coffee room, and restaurant workers. All patients...

In San Diego, is there a tribal dentist that will help a DESCENDANT with dental services?
So you have a paper with HER number, where's yours?? Thats what you would need, showing YOUR enrolled, not your mother. Get yourself enrolled and go from there.

Does anyone know of any dentist that is open on weekends in the Columbia, MO area?
Saturday Dentist Columbia Columbia, MO 65201 USA Phone: (877) 224-2495 Call (877) 224-2495 Now! Find a Dentist Open on Saturdays Today Open 24-hours – 7 days a week

When did the Van Dann's move in with the Franks in The diary of a young girl?
I have to start with a confusing thing, that the name Anne uses in her diary isn't the actual name of the family who joins them. She calls them "Van Daan" but their real name is "Van Pels". I have no idea what-so-ever why she changes the name though. She also calles the other tenant, a jewish...