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Popular Q&A

UCSF question pleasssseeeee?
No, I don't think so. It's a graduate school, not an undergraduate school. You have to go to a four-year college first and get your bachelor's degree and then apply to UCSF for your graduate studies (to become a doctor, dentist, etc.)

I'm in southern ill area and want a dentist that takes Medicare & Medicaid?
Are you aware that Medicare does not cover routine dental? And that in most states welfare doesn't cover dental for those over 18 - 21? If you have a Medicare Advantage plan you may have dental coverage from the plan. Contact your agent for more assistance.

After 4 years of dental school do you need any more training to become a dentist?
It all depends on your confidence level. Additional training like a residency program are available for those who either want to be better trained or lack the confidence to go into private practice right out of dental school. Some dental students do not feel confident enough to go solo right...

How to not be scared of the dentist!!!?
well the dentist is there to help you yes you may feel scared but everything will be ok just take some deep breathes and think of something nice like bunny rabbits playing in the grass. to stop crying imagine how beautiful your smile Will be once you get braces to help your teeth and if people...

Top Molar Removal for Dentist?
Interesting question! I'm a dentist so maybe I can help. While it's true that there is not much use for a tooth that has no opposing tooth, my initial thought is why not consider adding implants to the bottom? Perhaps you're taking about wisdom teeth? And if that's the case, I agree with your...