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Popular Q&A

I Have to Write a Feature Article For Science......?
There are sooooo many topics you can pick in this field. If you want to do something with dentistry, you might want to find out about the newest technology in dental surgery - like how they make those porcelain veneers and what health risks are associated with cosmetic dentistry. You can also...

Hey, do you know anything about the 3 mile island accident in Harrisburg Pennsylvania?
It was mostly a non event that was blown way out of proportion by the press. What really happened was a reactor went out of control and the safety measures that were in place prevented it from becoming a major catastrophe. Only a minute amount of radiation escaped and no one got more than...

Help With work experience/ volunteer work for medical school?
It does not all have to be 'health' linked. It is more to show that you can interact and mix with different people. They need to be able to see that you have not just studied like mad and can be part of a group, do things and get on with people. Duke of Edinburgh Awards are a good all round...

Why is it so hard to be happy?
I think it's impossible to maintain your happiness all the time. There will always be certain points in our lives at which we are 'unhappy', ranging from a little stress to the edge of committing suicide! Happiness is basically positive emotions, but which nowadays are hard to hold onto in...

B&A: Fun Little Questionaire?
1. I don't really eat much when I write, it just distracts me. If I do, it would just be a little bag of cheeze-its or something simple like that. What am I craving? Well, I couldn't eat ANYTHING today because of a dang dentist appointment, so right now I'm pretty much God...