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Popular Q&A

What are great physician assistant schools?
These are some schools I found online. You didn't give me your location, so I picked randomly. 1. Duke University Durham, NC 2. University of Iowa Iowa City, IA 3. University of Utah Salt Lake City, UT 4. Emory University Atlanta, GA 5. George Washington University Washington, DC 6. Baylor...

Becoming a dentist?
Well, if you study and know everything you need to know about being a dentist, it's not that hard.. Medicine is harder.. Trust me. Becoming a dentist: What do you want to be? What do you feel comfortable with? Dental? Medicine? Business?

I'm looking for a good dentist in the 60018 ZIP code area?
Dr. Chris Baboulas graduated from Loyola University School of Dentistry in 1986. I saw it on the website ....... and it isnt in your county but it is pretty close ... it was in the 60053 zip code area.He can speak foreign languages like Arabic, Greek, Polish, Russian, Spanish. I think that...

Would art,business,englit,psychology lead me to pre dental year for dentistry?
Hi there, ok dont panic! I think GCSE's are important, but more so to concentrate on your a-levels. If you are still feeling uneasy, why not give the Uni a call and ask to speak to the head of the dentistry department- it may be that the university as a general policy, but that the end choice...

How to choose best dentist?
To get the best dentist, you first look into his experience. His degrees, his previous achievements, his work experience etc. I am giving an example like Dr. Brueggen his total experience can be found here who is having more than 30 years surgical...