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Popular Q&A

Dentist that takes Medicaid?
Medicaid generally does not cover adult dental services. My Medicare Advantage plan is offering dental services for the very first time. So check your Medicare book or call your health plan and ask about that.

Why do so few dentists except the wisconsin forward card for insurance?
The amount that MA pays for dental reimbursement is minimal. I was told by a dentist in my area, that in order to provide services for MA clients, they are accepting a payment of 25%- 50% of what they can regularly charge. The few clinics that DO accept the forward card are booked to capacity...

How do you know what you need from a doctor and that they aren't just chargine more, because they can?
Honestly, the only thing you can do, is go to ANOTHER doctor, and pay a SECOND fee, and get their opinion. Yes, you're absolutely right - we OVERTEST, and OVERDIAGNOSE here in the USA rampantly - it achieves several goals (none of them yours): 1. It makes more money for the providers 2. It...

Do you have to have perfect teeth to get a oral appliance for sleep apnea?
Few patients with sleep apnea have perfect teeth, and even healthy people. You can have a dental device for your teeth, however you must consult a dentist first. He will explain what to do in this situation.

Do anyone know of a dentist in Washington DC or PG County that accept monthly payment plans?
sorry dont know.................. check with dc dept of dentistry there or something like it im sure theres somebody that will let you pay monthly or weekly start phoning around