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Popular Q&A

Calling all Dentists, Are bad teeth Hereditary?
Yes, bad teeth can be hereditary, but whether or not you fix them before you have children has nothing to do whether or not they will have bad teeth. Also, hygiene can have something to do with the amount of cavities you get. It is important that you brush your teeth at last twice a day and...

Medicine or dentistry?
I would go with doctor rather than dentist. I have read that most dentists are very dissatisfied with their career choices and that particular profession has the highest suicide rate. On a better note if you are interested in dentistry more than medicine you might actually enjoy cosmetic dentistry...

Would like some info on puffer fish?
What kind of puffer? (I'm going to assume it is not full saltwater since you mentioned plecos - but ignore the rest if this if you do mean saltwater - I know nothing about them). Many so-called freshwater/brackish puffers do tend to get fairly aggressive - and many of them are lepidophages...

Spanish Help! [Preterite]?
Ok, first: you need to use an accent over the teminations in most peterite forms. I don't know if you know how to do this on your computer, but I'll put them on, so you can put them on your handwritten work. I usually don't like doing homework, but I'll help you out. Nemo vio el bote (you...

Good dentists in Bakersfield, CA??
Bakersfield isn't exactly the kind of town that top-flight clinicians gravitate to- I'm sure that's why you've had such bad experiences. Call 1-800-dentist. You may have some luck. I'd go to someone who went to dental school at UCLA, though. I've had the best luck with dentists who went to...