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Popular Q&A

How to volunteer abroad for a month?
You are going to have to pay your own way. The Peace Corps pays your way if you are skilled and willing to give them 27 months. There isn't an organization that can afford to do that for relatively unskilled people. (Note "relatively"- until you have your degree, a third world country will...

Chicago suburb cheap dental help!?
Here are some place that offer free dental care,but they are in Chicago.

I have United Health Care Medical Assistance and can not find an adult dentist that is close to Westminster MD
We also have United HealthCare...and here in Indiana....if they dont have a provider in your area..then they have to find one and you wont be charged any I use a Dentist that is out of our Network..then we pay more....but if there isn't one available...then call them and...

Any recommendations for doctors and dentists in the dallas, tx area?
Dr. Regina Powe for dentist Dr. Sheryl Cowan for a regular Doctor