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Popular Q&A

Studying dentistry abroad qualification ?
You need to improve your written English. What you have written is difficult to read as you have used no punctuation. Usually 4 years university then 4 years dental school. It is very difficult for international students to attend dental school. It will cost you over US$30,000 per year. You'll...

DENTISTS!!! please help me!?
If you have an emergency (severe pain, infection, etc...) you can go to your local hospital emergency room where they will treat you, regardless of your ability to pay. While you are there, they will start you on a round of antibiotics if you have an infection. They may also prescribe some...

Cost for Cosmetic Dentistry?
Any kind of dental cosmetic dentistry is very expensive and generally, not covered by insurance plans. Good Luck ! :)

What are some good ways to prepare for dental school?
I am not a dental student but here is what you need to know.... After high school you need a 4 year degree (Bachelor's) is usually required. You can major in anything but there are courses that you are required to take such as 1 year of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, as well as Organic Chemistry...

Does Dr. T.K Duncan perform substandard Dental Work in Vista?
I would think that the California Dental Board would be able to send you a copy of the letter, or at least give you the number of complaints on file against this dentist. I do not know Dr. Duncan, but live in Escondido, and think anytime someone receives substandard treatment, they should let...