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Popular Q&A

What are the best dentists in Worcester, MA?
Phone around and find out the services that are foffered, from there you will be able to see a good dentist from and av one

Help!!! I need to find a good dentist in Van Nuys, CA, can anyone recommend one?
Call 1-800-Dentist, I did here in Santa Rosa and was thrilled by their Response

Gold tooth?
Dentist do still do gold crowns on teeth, although the white are more popular now. If you are looking to put a crown on a healthy tooth, be aware your insurance won't cover that, because it's not necessary, but just for fun. A crown at a dentist can cost anywhere from $ 300- $ 800,...

My dentist bother's me a lot (or well my mom ha)?
My dentist doesn't call me at all, they just send out a reminder card. If your dentist is a student then perhaps he's a little over anxious to get and maintain patients to build up his practice. Just get your appointment out of the way. You don't want your teeth to rot out of your mouth, you...

Where can I receive free dental help in Atlanta,GA?
Some dentists will reduce the fees or allow you to pay on a payment plan. There is no free dental help. You need to get a job to support yourself. Many people have the notion that they can just rely on the government for a free handout in times of need. Truthfully, it's quite hard to qualify...