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Popular Q&A

Would art,business,englit,psychology lead me to pre dental year for dentistry?
Hi there, ok dont panic! I think GCSE's are important, but more so to concentrate on your a-levels. If you are still feeling uneasy, why not give the Uni a call and ask to speak to the head of the dentistry department- it may be that the university as a general policy, but that the end choice...

In Alberta, what education is needed to become a dentist?
High school- Take all the science, english and math classes that you can. You need high 80s and 90s. University- You need to complete at least two years of a Bachelors degree in university. You need to complete certain required science classes to get into dental school. Some universities may...

Does anyone know of a good orthodontic school for braces in the Chattanooga or Nashville, TN areas?
The only mid-state dental college that I know of is at Meharry in Nashville. This is the link to their dental clinic, but I don't see orthodontia on it. You might contact them to see if there is anywhere that does that. Dentist do have payment plans...

Is there a dentist that will take monthly payments?
Call the public health department and ask about free or low cost dental clinics. Also some dentists have the sort of payment plans (usually pamphlets in the waiting room) where you apply for a credit line and the bank approves you with no interest if you pay it off on time as per the contract...

What is the meaning of this italian words.. aspirazione pompa, mandata pompa and scarico sovrapressione? thx.?
Well, the first one is 'aspiration pump,' which is probably the thingy they use on a water faucet to create a vacuum in a chemistry lab or the dentist's office. The other kind of pompa, or pump, I dunno. See if you can stick these into a translation program. Cool words, though.