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Popular Q&A

Why is it I can't get the reaction I want?
The main social skills are as follows: 1) The ability to remain relaxed, or at a tolerable level of anxiety while in social situations Regardless of how skillful you are in social situations, if you are too anxious, your brain is functioning in way unsuited to speaking and listening. In addition...

New Dentist, or Malpractice?
D!!! I would've NEVER accepted a 'free' dental procedure. That means it went undocumented and there's technically no proof that you even had the procedure there. Someone really needs to sue him for malpractice, he really needs his licensed revoked for doing such a thing to a patient. However...

My daughter and grand daughter have Ectodermal DYSPLASIA .We need a Dentist in the Torrance Ca,90503 area .?
Yep... 1-800-dentist... their ONLINE website can help, too. Have a healthy day.

Why is medicine and dentistry still so primitive and invasive?
Why don't you suggest that to i dunno.. some dentistry department... cuz it does seem interesting and cool

I need 6 front teeth caped. Should I have a dentist with a DDS or a DMD do it?
Your regular dentist does not do regular dental work?? I don't think you are seeing a regular dentist, are you seeing a periodontist? Anyway, the Dr. above is right. DMD=DDS. Harvard could not translate DDS to Latin so they made the DMD degree. The dean or a dental school decides which...