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Popular Q&A

DIY dentistry is safer than DIY home wiring why can people see how dangerous it is to guess with electricity?
Everyone, this guy isn't seriously thinking about fixing his son's teeth at home, he's just yanking everyone's chain to make a point about the risks of wiring your own home. He KNOWS that it's not a good idea to do dentistry at home, he's just saying it's equally as bad to do your own wiring...

How can I get my teeth fixed if I have not insurance and can't afford the price of a dentist?
for a correct answer you did not mention which of your teeth is giving problem.i am a dentist who can solve your problem free of cost and i am the best one.

What is the best dentistry I can go to in Denver, CO? For an extraction?
Hey.. The best dentistries in Denver, CO are defenetly "1350 Clarkson St, Denver, CO {Kids in Need of Dentistry / phone: (303) 318-0658}" and "999 18th St, Denver, CO {Cosmetic Dentistry of Colorado / phone: (303) 298-1414}".. As long as you don't go to a Monarch dental! I went to Monarch for...

So my prom's coming up soon...?
Well I can't tell you much but if your going to get your teeth done at your dentist you will probably pay about $100 to$200 that's how much it was for my mom last month.