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Popular Q&A

How much do people in the UK know about the US?
A lot, we steal a good bit of popular culture from you. Most schoolkids have to read books by Mark Twain, Tenessee Williams and Harper Lee, the National geographic can be found on the table in most dentist suregeries (and in fact my doormat). Many Brits holiday in Florida and California,...

Can an employer ask for a dentist phone number to check up an an employee?
Why not ask the employee to bring a note from the dentist to confirm the appointment.

I need lots of information on pediatric dentistry.?
You must have a bachelor's degree before Dental school. Dental school is 4 years. Then you specialize in pediatrics for I believe it's 2 more years. The Science classes for SURE you'll need are: Anatomy 1 &2, Biology, Chemistry, Microbiology, not sure the rest. You need to find a Dental school... POP?
try this address click on find a PDP dentist in the right hand column

Dentist Interview Help?
Good for you! As a retired dental hygienist, I'd be interested to see what you find out. Some of the things I would ask would be: 1. Do you think more patients are delinquent in paying you, now that the economy has affected so many families? In other words, do you have more patients who...