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Popular Q&A

Do anyone know of a good dentist in the Woodbridge, VA area?
How interesting. I go to Pure Dental too! I see Dr. Vaughn, he is awesome. I live right off Prince William Parkway so I avoid traffic by walking...LOL.. There website is if you want to check them out. I hope this helps.

B&A: Fun Little Questionaire?
1. I don't really eat much when I write, it just distracts me. If I do, it would just be a little bag of cheeze-its or something simple like that. What am I craving? Well, I couldn't eat ANYTHING today because of a dang dentist appointment, so right now I'm pretty much God...

Can a ventriloquist converse with his dentist while his teeth are being worked on?
Well, I heard it said that some people talk out their @$$, so I guess it's possible. POLL: Scrambled.

How do dentists count teeth?
well there are atleast 56 types of tooth numbering systems which are used by dentist all over the world though only three of them are popular nowadays, they being 1. zygmondy palmer system 2. universal system 3. F.D.I system Palmer Notation Method Adults In this system, the mouth is divided...

Does anyone know the ballpark price to have braces done at the nyu school of dentistry?
At Temple University, in Philadelphia, the fee for comprehensive orthodontic treatment is $3700.