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Popular Q&A

Can i work in uk as a dentist?
Contact the British Dental Association to see if you degree is transferable and acceptable and whether you will have to do any additional training or supervision to work in the UK.

What are some of the best dental schools in the country?
Given the fact i have the mental capacity to know how to use google I found the following list: 1. Michigan 2. UCLA 3. UCSF 4. UNC 5. NYU 6. Florida 7. Minnesota 8. USC's Herman Ostrow school of dentistry 9. UConn 10. Penn

What is the medical definition of fisher?
Do you mean fissure? Fissure (Latin fissura, Plural fissurae) is a groove, natural division, deep furrow, or cleft found in the brain, spinal cord, and liver- or a tear in the anus (anal fissure). In dentistry, a fissure is a break in the tooth enamel. In geology, fissures are cracks in rocks...

Help With work experience/ volunteer work for medical school?
It does not all have to be 'health' linked. It is more to show that you can interact and mix with different people. They need to be able to see that you have not just studied like mad and can be part of a group, do things and get on with people. Duke of Edinburgh Awards are a good all round...

Scared going to the dentist on Saturday ?!?!Help ?
Hi Love bug! There is nothing to be worried about. If you have a tooth growing on top of another tooth it is better just to remove the supernumerary tooth that is causing the problem. Your dentist probably recommended this for you because it is in your best interests. Its better to remove the...