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Popular Q&A

What does it take to be a Pediatric Dentist?
For your senior year, you will need to take college prep classes and get as good of grades as possible- you'll want to be accepted into a good four year university. In undergrad, you will need to take the required classes for admission to dental school - these vary, but almost all schools require:...

A dentist looking to move to Uruguay?
Hi!! I am not aware about legal resources in order to set up a dentistry office en Uruguay. I guess you can find further and proper info surfing the web or contacting the Uruguay Consulate in your country. It will be priority your Spanish lessons in order to communicate. It won't be so easy...

Should I pursue a career as a Dentist or a Lawyer?
Wow, Stephen t, doesn't seem to happy with his job selection, here's my two cent's. If its money and prestige then go for the lawyer job (I've got a friend that's a Navy lawyer and he gets paid well and gets to attend all the high profile cases for the Navy. That's just for the Navy. Once...

Who is the best dentist in Pasadena?
Dental Plus Dental Group is the best dentist in Pasadena, especially if you're looking for one that offers full service dentistry. Dental Plus is one of the few multi-specialty dental offices around offering patients nearly every dental option available, including general dentistry, orthodontics...

Questions about puffer fish?
Green spotted puffers are not for beginners. They are aggressive and need at the least 65-75g for three of them. As they are juveniles they need a low Brackish SG of 1.005 (NO AQUARIUM SALT) and then when they are adults they high brackish close to marine conditions. Their beaks grow fast and...