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Popular Q&A

What are two major degrees in north carolina?
Since this is geography: - Latitude 34°N to 36°21'N - Longitude 75°30'W to 84°15'W Due to its wide range of elevation, from sea level on the coast to over 6,000 feet in the mountains, North Carolina has the most variation in climate of all the southeastern states. [1] But my guess is you're...

I have a cavity under a crown. My dentist advices getting a new crown after fixing the cavity. I disagree.?
I am having the same problem in a way. I have two fairly new crowns that I've been told by other dentists that have open margins and I should get them redone or I could eventually lose the teeth. I've had them about 10 months now with no pain (and I have not had root canals in them) so since...

Need help finding a dentist in Austin, TX?
When I lived in Austin, I went to Dr. Glenda Smith. I loved her. I thought so highly of her that after I moved and needed a root canal, I seriously considered flying back to Austin to have her do it. You can check patient reviews on Just put in your city and state and the specialty...

My son has mass health dental but i want to take him to a holistic dentist, Cont...?
If you're not making a claim on the insurance because you're paying out of pocket it's none of anyone's business where you take him. They absolutely cannot dictate what you spend your own money on... what nerve! This is just a bald attempt to manipulate the dental marketplace in their own little...

you definitely don't want to go to michigan right now. go to north carolina- you'll have fun there.