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Popular Q&A

I'm looking forward on becoming a dentist in las vegas?
Lots, you'll give people lots of gold teeth! Just kidding, dentists normally get paid higher than average.

Best DENTISTS in STL/mid-missouri area?
I know two good dentists in South County. One is named Mueth, I think his first name is Ronald, and he's across from St. Anthony's hospital. His number is 314-729-0489. He's very good with scardy cat patients and his staff is really nice. The other one is Ray Nikodem. He's located right...

My chances in these colleges?
You can do pre-dental anywhere, not only in schools with dental colleges. State universities do not admit very many out of state students, so CSU anything (Long Beach, Fullerton) don't belong on your list. Focus on the private colleges like UOP and the others.

Marriage and Family during my journey to be a Pediatric Dentist?
2 years of college all core sciences. The DenCAT. Admission to a dental school. 4 years to DMD A year of residency with a pediatric dentist. Several years more if you want to become a orthodontist which is where the biggie bucks are. Figure at age 30 to 31 you're in business. After a year of...

Temporary crowns pain etc!!?
1. Any crown or bridge preparation damages teeth, just as does any filling. Thankfully teeth are fairly resilient and can recover from the insult in most cases after a couple of days. Whereas most cavities go into the depth of the tooth and therefore the deeper the more likely you will have...