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Popular Q&A

Teeth whitening, dentist, Info?
I’m sure that when it gets to using any new product or products that you aren’t acquainted with, there’s invariably that thinking of wanting to give it a try first before altogether investing to purchasing it. However, non many products grant free trials and often times- people do end up unfulfilled...

What are my chances at UPenn, Columbia, Stanford, or Duke?
Below average to average chances at Duke and Penn. Below average chances for Columbia and Stanford. I suspect that you're Asian... that's part of the reason why. If you happen to be a minority then you definitely have good chances. I've seen profiles better than yours land at average state...

Getting a loan at 20?
Hello Misslawyer5461, I think you are making a big mistake getting a loan for your cosmetic dentistry in the UK. Firstly it is a known fact that UK dentists are the most crooked and biggest thieves in the world and will OVERCHARGE you on any cosmetic dentistry they perform on your teeth. Lets...

I need a dentist but im 23, anyone know a dentist in houston, tx that will accept medicaid/amerigroup?
Using the Greater Houston AT&T Yellow Pages directory I did a quick survey of dentists in the Houston area and discovered that most of the major listings advertise acceptance of Medicaid but did not see anything on Amerigroup per se. If you are in Houston now and can get your hands on the...

Are there any dentists that take Molina Insurance in the Macomb/Oakland area in Michigan?
At the Web page below, you will see a list of dentists and clinics in Michigan that accept Medicaid. I noticed a couple of listings in Warren, so I hope you can find a good dentist for your situation. Good luck!!