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Popular Q&A

What kind of dentist pulls teeth? need to see your general dentist for extractions....... The orthodontist is only involved with moving the teeth. orthodontist is limited to practice (that is not to say they cannot pull teeth....but by becoming an Orthodontist they LIMIT what they do) within their their specialty...

Affordable Dentist in Southern California?
Well almost all charge 90 dollars up thats the minimum fee

Can I get into University of Colorado-Boulder, UC Santa Cruz?
Your grade point average is great but your SAT score could use some work. Just to let you know, UCs require applicants to take the SAT II Subject Tests in addition to the SAT Reasoning test. Try to get at least an 1800 on the SAT and in the 600-800 range on the SAT IIs to be in better academic...

In Cincinnati OH 45238 what dentist accepts medicare?
Looking at your other questions you are age 14 or 15. Since you are that age you don't have Medicare, which is generally coverage for those over age 65. Instead, you have Medicaid, which is welfare for the poor. Since you are on welfare you might be on a managed care plan. If so, you need to...

How hard is it to become a dentist?
It isn't easy. First off don't worry too much about your high school grades so long as they are high enough to get you in a good college. Your college gpa must remain high and depending on where you apply your college gpa needs to be in the 3.3-3.7 range (with your science GPA in the 3.7...