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Popular Q&A

Snap On Smile Questions?
You should be able to get both top and bottom arches done. If you call 1-800-607-1129 a customer rep will help you locate and schedule a appointment at a dental office near you who prescribes snap on smile. If you have a dentist you currently go to you can always ask to have he or she contact...

I need a cheap dentist in denver colorado?
I've heard that Comfort Dental is pretty easy on the wallet. They have a lot of locations all over the metro area - check them out!

Question about Dog Dentistry.?
There was a ten year old poodle in the clinic to remove all his teeth-- gum disease-- and it was about seven hundred dollars.

Is my dentist crazy?
As a dentist I am not sure why your regular dentist prescribed you this much medication. I can understand the Percocet, Ibuprofen (as this can usually be taken with Percocet if pain is not relieved), Phenergan and Amoxicillin (I assume you have no penicillin allergy) but the Vicodin is a little...

Braces - how much $$?
Braces cost between $5500-7500 depending on the case and location. As far as a general dentist doing braces, they do not have the extra 3 years of school (that whats makes them an orthodontist) I work in an orthodontists office, and I have seen too many cases that were started by general dentists...