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Popular Q&A

What classes should be taken at a community college to become a Dentist(orthodontist)?
All i know is U Of Iowa College of Dentistry. Some classes you should take is Dental Anatomy, Head and Neck Anatomy, Dental Terminology. And take Chemistry classes and Biology those are really important.

Is it possible to drill more than one weekend/two weeks in the Coast Guard Reserves?
After you've completed your 48 IDT drills and your ADT, it's difficult to get more paid drills but it depends on your unit. Most will give you a special drill (no pun intended) for when you visit the dentist for semi-annual check ups or visit your doctor for annual flu shot or complete your...

I need help finding these answers online?
You might have already guessed that we're not doing your homework (since you asked about four times now). Just Google each one. For example, you can begin looking for the first one here: BTW: The object of an assignment like this is for you to learn...

Are there any dentists in Aspen, CO who will take a new patient, cash, for an emergency toothache?
I am not in Colorado, but I can offer some pointers. Any dentist near a city will try to accommodate stranded travelers with a dental emergency, especially if they offer cash. Ask local people at work - you'll get some good suggestions. If you're there for a limited amount of time, a dentist...