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Popular Q&A

For anti-marijuana activists/people, do you drink?
I believe every junkie has smoked a joint but not everyone who has smoked a joint is a junkie. I smoked for 30yrs and quit because I wanted to, should it be legal I don't know would it be abused any more than it is now.... NO

How are lasers used in dentistry?
The laser companies would have us believe you can use their products for everything, including ingrown toenails! In reality, they are not better than conventional treatments (drills, scalpels, scaling instruments, bleaching) except that they sound high-tech, wizz-bang, and are used as a marketing...

Teeth effect bands? do they work?
hola tani! personalmente yo no creo q eso ea la manera mas eficient d que tus dientes se junten xq eso es cmo lo q ud hizo ese dia aqui n la ksa, q se puso mi liga entre sus dientes... y duele... pero yo no soy ninguuna experta, mejor preguntele a su dentista! talvez si sirva quien sabe

Hi there, has anyone set up their own collagen/botox business?
as far as what you would earn... that really depends on what area you are located in. you would make more in california rather than new mexico for example. i have heard of some people opening up a small practice withing a day spa or a dentist office even. good luck

Where is the best dentist in Boston i want braces?
36 Chauncy St (between Avon St & Summer St) Boston, MA 02111 Neighborhood: Downtown (617) 338-5000