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Popular Q&A

Why do dentists put a drape a heavy lead apron across you before x-raying youre teeth?
Years ago, the lead aprons protected your uterus/ovaries or testicles from radiation exposure. Today, the x-ray beam is highly directed, and the gonads do not receive any measurable dose of radiation during dental x-rays. But, we still use leaded aprons. This is mainly for the patient's...

Would you find it rewarding to be able to improve people's appearance/self confidence. Do you enjoy working on intricate things ... Dentists work in smaller teams than, for instance hospital doctors, perhaps this is attractive to you You understand the fear many people have of dentists - you...

What are the Dangerous Biological Effects of Fluoride?
there are many more toxic elements in our drinking water that cannot be filtered out, :: Fluoride (fluor) in Water is a Health Risk :: For more important informations about the dangers of fluor: Is fluoride in water really...

School for diagnostic sonography?
Here area few: University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey: School of Health Related Professions Newark, NJ Union County College Cranford, NJ Gloucester County College Sewell, NJ Burlington County College Pemberton, NJ Bergen Community College Paramus, NJ Each school has a website. why...

Anyone know any dentists email adress i need one for a school project so i can ask him/her some questions?
Why not try calling a local dentist and tell them their situation. (: That way you could ask them a few questions (: