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Popular Q&A

Good dentist in the Salt Lake City area?
Dr. Adam McLachlan is good at Murray Park Dental. He is my dentist and I've been very happy. He did a free consult for me before I became a patient. The office is across from the big IHC hospital and the number is (801) 263-1632.

Wisdom Teeth Removal?
First go see a dentist. He will probably take xrays of your teeth. If the xrays show that the wisdom teeth can come in without causing a real problem it's fine to let them come in normally. There is pain when new teeth come in. much like when a baby is teething. Nothing too outrageous in most...

Is "biological dentistry" an ethical science? Could it be harmful?
biologic dentistry might actually being doing conventional dentistry a favor. all those quack jobs out there are actually going to buy into this nutty philosophy and i'll be left with normal patients. i actually watched that video that was just posted above me here and what a good laugh. ...

Can i knw about the job opportunities in qatar and kuwait for dentists?
You have to serve for suitable job openings online yourself. Nobody will offer you any job opportunities here on Yahoo. Example: You'll find some more by just googling for :"dentist in Kuwait/Qatar" Good luck!

Where should I go for Dental School?
I worked with a dentist from Nova. She was wonderful not only as a person but in skills. However, once you get accepted into all three you can pick based on which one tends to excel better in dental (including name recognition). You can also pick based on cost of living (whether you live on...