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Popular Q&A

My uncle passed away. He was a dentist- would this be a good epitaph?
My uncle was a dentist too. He died in the arms of his mistress. I guess you could say he died filling HIS last cavity.

What wages, hours, fringe benefits and opportunities for advancements do dentisits have?
Most dentists are self employed , so , Everything depends on their business acumen , And their benefits & $$$$$ come from whatever revenue they can generate . They are Not a wage / hours type worker . >

Need to find a good dentist in NYC area... that accepts HealthFirst insurance.?
If you contact your health care provider they can recommend one for you that is within your network. Once you have a list of dentist, then you can ask around to see how they are.

Do dentists through out their tools or clean them?
The disposable items (gauze, cups, suction tips, fluoride trays, impression trays, etc.) are discarded after each use, as well as the burs that are used in the handpiece (drill). After use, the instruments are first scrubbed and then placed in the ultrasonic cleaner. After they are rinsed...

Cambridge, UK: can anyone recommend a dentist please?
I go to Antwerp House, Brookfields, Cambridge (near Sainsbury's Coldhams Lane). They are really nice as I am a nervous patient. Just had a wisdom extracted a coupla weeks ago and not scared at all! Don't know if they are still taking on NHS but their number is 01223 247690. I usually see Andre...