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Popular Q&A

Dentistry or biomedical science?
I would say biomedical science. Dentistry is steady work, but there is a lot of investment to start a practice and a lot of worries over malpractice insurance, competition, recruiting patients, etc. And there isn't much opportunity to switch to a new career path if the dentistry isn't working...

Questions on being a dental hygienist?
Dental hygienists assist dentists in treating patients. They use preventive, educational and therapeutic methods for the control of oral diseases to aid individual patients and groups in achieving and maintaining oral health. They are a licensed para-professional, oral health educator and clinical...

Nearest emergency dentist i live in dinnington s25 2nu?
Falchion Orthodontics 0.17 miles 67 Woodland Rd Darlington DL3 7BQ › View map Tel. 01325 381540 Fax. 01325 381580 Category: Dentists Lance Robson 0.22 miles 37 Woodland Rd Darlington DL3 7BJ › View map Tel. 01325 462268 Category: Dentists G J Parker 0.22 miles 15 Woodland Rd Darlington DL3...

Courses like dentistry, pharmacology, medicine, nutrition etc.?
Dietetics, pharmacy, speech and language therapy, physiotherapy, forensic science. But with these you would not be on the wards, you would see patients either in a separate clinic or else you would be working in a hospital lab.

What are my chances of getting acepted into the University of Maryland school of dentistry ?
You have a good chance, as long as you do well on the DAT. Good luck!