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Popular Q&A

Going to the Dentist without insurance?
Dental is very expensive no matter where you live. Dosn't he work? Is there no chance his work can cover his dental insurance? Fixing a chipped tooth would be qite costly id say anywhere from $150-200, because the dentist would have to firstly get an xray to see how much of the tooth has been...

DC Bart Samtrans Bus From Daly City To San Carlos?
If the fare isn't an issue, you can get there faster if you take BART to Millbrae and then take the CalTrain to San Carlos. The bus takes too many stops.

Good Ideas for work experience?
Myer City! Thats where I did it for a week this november..... its just a bit of fun.... i didnt know where else to do it so i thought- why not myer. Just a suggestion -) Good luck with your decision. EDIT-------- Btw some of my friends did it at a dentistry, energy australia, medical centre...

Root canal Recovery - painful....?
You have a big issue to deal with here. Typical dentists use gutta percha to fill the canals that have been drilled out. And this does NOT sanitize the canal as they tell you, it leaves germs in there to breed. The aniline chemicals like Lidocaine, are AGGRESSIVELY CARCINOGENIC and contain...

Is there any ask the dentist website? How you will find it?
Dear Arbor, There are not enough online resources are available. However, I would recommend you to see (all specialties are available) (Personal Doctor Website) Hope it will help you.