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Popular Q&A

Anyone know of a good honest pediatric dentist around phoenix, AZ?
My brother is a Pediatric Dentist but not in Phoenix Arizona. He is very good (has all kinds of awards) and very honest, he even uses the "barter" system if the parents don't have actual cash to pay. I would recommend him to you but again, he doesn't live anywhere near Phoenix Arizona.

Any cheap dentists in Indiana?
Dr. Greg Pyle, DDS Greg Pyle, DDS, is a full-time practicing dentist in Muncie, Indiana. Dr. Pyle has been a solo practitioner his entire career, since 1990. He has held several positions within the East Central district of the Indiana Dental Association, most recently on the Membership Committee...

I want to become a pediatric dentist and I need to know what schools have great dental programs?
I am a recent dental school graduate and here is the 411: It's TOO EARLY for you to be worrying about specializing in Pediatrics. You are not going to apply to a post-grad specialty program until your 3rd year of dental school. Concentrate on getting into dental school first. Don't worry...

Does sleeping gas work on sleepwalkers?
sleeping gas-nitrous oxide During the past one hundred and fifty years a number of gases have been adopted into anesthesia practice---ether, chloroform, cyclopropane and others---which have disappeared from the clinical armamentarium as better agents appeared. Yet the oldest gas used for surgical...

I have horrendous teeth. I am a dentists wet dream. Cosmetic Dentistry Help!?
It looks like you are missing your upper right lateral incisor. To do what you are asking for can be accomplished by placing 5 porcelain crowns on your 5 remaining front teeth. It would align them and re contour them to look like you had 6 perfectly shaped and aligned upper front teeth. ...