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Popular Q&A

What is the best teeth whitener out there other than expensive stuff from the dentist?
You can ask your dentist about having them whitened. It cost about $500.00 or try dazzle white, it works really great to get white teeth and the best thing you can try it for free. Visit this site, if you interested to learn more about it http://try-4-free-best-teeth-whitening.b...

Where can I get free oral health samples?(toothbrushes, toothpaste, etc.?
Check with your state Health Education department. They will already have programs where they want to teach good habits to kids and they must have tons of this stuff already.

Entry level salary for a dentist ?
According to the American Dental Association, the average general dentist made 185,000 in 2004, the average dental specialist made 315,000. Most dentist have there own place of practice though.

Any cheap dentists in Indiana?
Dr. Greg Pyle, DDS Greg Pyle, DDS, is a full-time practicing dentist in Muncie, Indiana. Dr. Pyle has been a solo practitioner his entire career, since 1990. He has held several positions within the East Central district of the Indiana Dental Association, most recently on the Membership Committee...

Im looking for some clinic that does dental work for low income people in San Francisco?
UNIVERSITY OF THE PACIFIC SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY: 2155 Webster Street at Sacramento in SF. Call them at 415.929.6501. UC SAN FRANCISCO SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY: With two center at 707 Parnassus Avenue (call 415.476.1891) and at 100 Buchanan Street 415.476.5608. BERKELEY FREE CLINIC DENTAL SECTION:...