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Popular Q&A

What is a good dentist in philadelphia for adults that accept united healtcare insurance?
None in that area accept this insurance as it is a waste of time, they cover zilch

How Long Does it take Pulled tooth By The Dentist to grow back in?
It depends on the kind of tooth it was. I'm guessing it was one of your adult teeth. Those are permanent and do not grow back if removed. You'd need a dental implant to replace it. However, if you are still young, or your mouth is still developing, then it could have been a baby tooth and would...

Calling all dentist! Filling first & 1 day later root canal on same tooth?
I think thats the standard procedure. Because its 50/50 that a filling might work and what about if the filling did work? You would have been complaining of a unnessesary RCT then. Thats what you call a conservative dentist, someone who tries all the options first to see if they will work before...

Random Useless Facts?
Your useless fact about mel blanc "Mel Blanc (the voice of Bugs Bunny) was allergic to carrots" is actually wrong... "Though his best-known character was a carrot-chomping rabbit, munching on the carrots interrupted the dialogue. Various substitutes, such as celery, were tried, but none of...

Where can I find more information about Larry Lavin (Doctor Dealer/Snow)?
In the high-flying 1980's, Larry Lavin was a clean-cut dentist living the good life in suburban Philadelphia. But, what his upper crust neighbors didn't know was that Lavin led a double life - one that would finally be exposed by a shocking narcotics investigation. It was the early 1980s and...