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Popular Q&A

Is it true that Manipal college of dentistry is one of the world top dental schools?
1. College of Dental Surgery - Manipal College of Dental SciencesThe Manipal College of Dental Sciences (MCODS), Manipal, formerly known as the College of DentalSurgery, is the first self-financing dental college in the private sector of India. Established in the year1965, it initially had...

Medicaid dentist for a disablity child in lubbock texas?
contact your medicaid caseworker. They should have a list of dentists that accepts the card.

You will have to talk with your dentist. If you go to a dentist that you feel won't give you qualified information, then you need to go to another dentist. You should be able to have a tooth removed or a root canal, but there are certain pain medications that you shouldn't have. Nitrous oxide...

Dentist in rosarito or Tijuana mexico?
Carlos Ornelas, 100% bilingual, graduated from Loma Linda University inCA, he is in Tijuana at the SIMSA Tower by the border, GREAT dentist, his phone: (664)682-3242

What are some good ways to prepare for dental school?
I am not a dental student but here is what you need to know.... After high school you need a 4 year degree (Bachelor's) is usually required. You can major in anything but there are courses that you are required to take such as 1 year of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, as well as Organic Chemistry...