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Popular Q&A

The future of dentists and oral surgeons?
Dental disease is the most common infectious disease in the world. People are living longer and want to keep their teeth throughout their lives. Dentistry is doing just fine. Medicine has been cripled by the health care crisis currently underway. When I started dental school, average salary...

What dentists in the Austin/Round Rock area serve people with medicaid, disability (SSI), or low incomes?
If Colorado is like most states, Medicaid does not pay for dental services except for children. There is no government charity for dental work no matter how low your income. Medicaid is enough of a subsidy for the government to have to pay. You have to locate a health clinic that offers low...

Am I better off going to the dentist or getting a kit to do teeth whitening at home?
i should apologize for lol about your daughters honesty. That's funny! anyway, your dentist would do a fine job with your teeth, but i've tried that before and it's really expensive (and you have to pay every time you go of course). i think the best thing for you to do is try doing it yourself...

Tooth infection need extractions & dentures-no insurance, bad credit-Houston TX. Any suggestions?
I suggest you try a dental University, they have one in Houston. I am a student at one (last year) and can tell you that you get excellent work at an excellent price. Don't worry about having students work on your teeth, they have plenty of professionals there on hand to guide the students...

What is the Taylor Swift code and other Radio trivia for 5/21/2013?
before famous) working girl get your game on may 14, 1986 show me the money) 6.4 cents games) 40 First Lines) clammy hands entertainment) jump celebrity) big bang theory daily dose) LUNch videos gone wild) STEphanie lifestyles) WATertown entertainment zone) JAW today) the red cross dentist) GINgivitis...